For academics

Nanofactory helps Yorkshire's academic nanoscientists and technologists to forge collaborative links with the region's technology-based SMEs.

Linking with companies provides new insights into how and where our science can underpin application to generate wide-ranging societal benefit. Yorkshire's SME sector has a strong track record of innovation in advanced manufacturing, healthcare and environmental technologies and, for us, has the distinct benefit of being local. This combination of technical know-how, access to real-world markets and easy lines of communication means that the region's SMEs represent a valuable source of potential partners not only for projects small and large but also for longer-term strategic relationships.

Nanofactory offers a brokering service to connect you with SMEs that share your technical interests. We do this through network-building events, mapping of company needs onto academic capability by our KT staff and promoting the adoption of new academic inventions by our SME partners.

Join one or more of our clusters via the "connect with us" form to get involved. You will receive tailored invitations to events and general news about Nanofactory and our KT staff will consider your expertise when mapping company enquiries.

If you are planning an event of potential interest to the region's nanotechnology communities, we're happy to help promote it for you. Simply "submit an event" via the link and we'll include it in our list of forthcoming meetings (subject to approval).

We look forward to working with you.