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Nanofactory builds partnerships between companies and academic researchers, accelerating innovation and creating commercial opportunities in micro- and nanotechnologies.

Yorkshire's universities are home to hundreds of experts in science and engineering of nano-scale materials. Our capabilities range from the strongly theoretical, fundamental understanding of how matter behaves at very small length-scales through to hands-on, practical application where these behaviours combine to have real-world effects.

Of course, this diversity of capability is near-impossible for outsiders to navigate although we have had help from a local seo company regarding website usability. The Nanofactory "knowledge transfer" team of technical generalists is here to help you find the most appropriate experts to help solve your problems and inspire your next range of products.

Join one or more of our clusters via the "connect with us" form and find out more about the networking events and partnering opportunities we offer.

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Q: What is nanotechnology?

A: See this summary at Nanofolio, Sheffield and Leeds' joint MSc in Nanotechnology.